Renting a property should be a positive experience. We have all heard the good and bad rental stories. You can minimise your risk by engaging with one of Accelerate Property Group’s experienced Brisbane property rental professionals. They will guide and assist you through the entire renting process no matter your level of experience.

Properties for Rent

Below is Accelerate Property Group’s current properties for rent in Brisbane.


Accelerate Property Group respects and values all their tenants. To ensure issues are dealt with in a timely fashion, we request most communication comes through your portal access that was given to you at your lease commencement. Please click HERE to be taken to your portal login.

Emergency Property Maintenance

In case of urgent property maintenance (e.g. broken pipe flooding), please contact Accelerate Property Group first by calling and text/SMS-ing 0466 71 71 61. If you do not get a response within 10 minutes, please engage the below tradespeople if it is deemed an emergency.

All other repairs are considered routine maintenance and you, the tenant, may be liable for the repair should you engage a tradesperson before contacting our team.  Lodge routine maintenance requests 

through your portal which can be accessed below.

Emergency situations include;

  • a burst water service or a serious water service leak
  • a blocked or broken toilet
  • a serious roof leak
  • a gas leak
  • a dangerous electrical fault
  • flooding or serious flood damage
  • serious storm, fire or impact damage
  • a failure or breakdown of the gas, electricity or water supply
  • a failure or breakdown of an essential service or appliance on the property for hot water, cooking or heating
  • a fault or damage that makes the property unsafe or insecure
  • a fault or damage likely to injure a person, damage property or unduly inconvenience a tenant
  • a serious fault in a staircase, lift or other common area of the property

All other repairs are considered routine repairs and you, the tenant, may be liable for the repair should you engage a trades person.  Lodge routine maintenance through your portal which can be accessed below.

Accelerate Property Group’s Approved Trades Are


SJK Collective – 07 3870 9893

Value Air & Electrical – 0421 428 505


Charlies Plumbing – 0410 659 041

SJK Collective – 07 3870 9893

Garage Doors

River City Doors – 0417 156 358

Smoke Alarm

Safety Squad – 1300 360 010

Glass Replacement

True Blue Glass – 1800 672 522

Glass Guru – 0408 743 981

Keys And Locks

Locksmith 2 U – 0404 037 349

Toplock – 1300 553 945


SES – 132 500
Your first call for storm or flooding should be to the SES, or you can lodge it online

Charlies Plumbing – 0410 659 041

Water Damage Recovery

Moisture Control Services – 1800 800 675

Maintenance Request

Accelerate Property Group requires all maintenance requests to be sent through Tapi. Please either scan the QR code located on the inside of your kitchen sink cupboard door or by chating with the tenant concierge below.

Portal Access

Please click HERE to be redirected to your login screen of your personal portal. Once logged in, you will be able to do the following.

View Your Property Details And Outstanding Items

View Current Lease And Rent Information

Access Your Ledger, Transaction History, Receipts And Invoices

Lodge Maintenance Requests

Notice to Vacate

By completing the below form, you are providing your official notice of your intention to leave. It will be treated the same as if you had completed and submitted a Notice of intention to leave (Form 13). 

I/We Hereby Give Notice Of My/Our Intention To Vacate The Above Property By Midnight On: