You’re Not Alone!

Accelerate Property Group have a dedicated team of first home buying experts ready to assist you on this exciting (and sometimes daunting) journey. Whether you have lots of knowledge, some knowledge or no idea, we can help by tailoring a specific plan to help no matter what point in time we team up in your first home buying voyage.

You are pretty savvy (you wouldn’t be here researching if you weren’t) so we imagine you are probably asking what the catch is? Why is Accelerate Property Group willing to help so much and get nothing in return? Well, the truth is we do have a return.  We pride ourselves on being 100% transparent, and to that end, we like to tell you upfront that we get reimbursed from the builder. It works pretty much the same way as a mortgage broker who gets reimbursed by the bank. The builder pays us the money they would typically spend on marketing and associated staff. We can then use this to assist first home buyers (you) achieve the Aussie dream of owning your own castle!

Broadly most first home buyers can be split into three categories:

We have our entire (or close) deposit saved

We have some deposit saved

We have no deposit saved

The great news is that no matter what category you fall into, we can help you buy your first home.

It’s very simple for us to get the ball rolling.  All we need is for you to complete a few questions by clicking HERE.  If you would prefer, we can also discuss over the phone or text, or meet in person at our offices or your home. Simply get in touch.

The final step we need is for each adult associated with the loan to complete a quick credit report.  All you need to do is follow the steps by clicking HERE. It should only take about 90 seconds.

The reason we ask for this now is that the credit report can take up to 10 days so best to get it out of the way, so we don’t delay the exciting bit which is looking at designs for your new home.

Who Do We Work With?

We work with all the major lenders and brokerage firms, including:

The Process

The basic process of buying or building your first home in Brisbane is outlined below. You can ask for assistance from Accelerate Property Group at most stages along the journey.

Step One – Financial Position/Timeframes

Can you buy your first property immediately or do we need a bit more time to sort a few items or finance?

Step Two – Pre-Approval / Borrowing Capacity

Determining how much you can responsibly borrow and obtaining pre-approval from the lender of your choice.

Step Three – Matching Borrowing Capacity to Dreams?

Matching your borrowing capacity to the location and property you desire.

Step Four – Picking You Dream Home

The fun bit! Selecting the property and finishes/inclusions you can’t live without.

Step Five – Contract Signing

Once we have picked a property, we sign the contract to make the property yours.

Step Six – Build Time

The builder starts to build your home. Of course, if you have picked a completed property, we skip this step!

Step Seven – Move In

Now the build is complete; it is time to book the removalists and move into your new home.

Step Eight – Enjoy Your New Home

Time to invite us over for some champagne and selfies!