Selling / leasing a property can be rewarding or has a potential risk of providing a loss. Unfortunately, we have all heard the good and bad stories about property transactions. Minimise your risk by engaging with one of Accelerate Property Group’s experienced real estate professionals. They will guide and assist you through the entire selling / leasing process no matter your level of experience.

Properties for Sale / Lease

Below is a small selection of Accelerate Property Group’s current commercial properties for sale / lease.

Why List With Accelerate Property Group

Are you thinking of selling, leasing or just wanting to know what your property might be worth now or in the future? Where do you start? That’s a great question! There is no shortage of agencies in Brisbane and even more, agents to choose from. You might be thinking “I should just engage one of the big franchises, surely they offer the best service.” But is this really the case?

Unfortunately, a lot of the time with larger agencies you might be assigned to the first agent who picks up the phone. Basically, take a number, and we will be with you shortly. This means you might end up with the rookie of the office who has heaps of enthusiasm but little negotiating experience. Additionally, large agencies tend to have significant churn and high turnover of staff, resulting in you being lost in the mix and not receiving the expertise, knowledge, negotiating power or attention that you deserve. After all, this is likely one of the largest assets you own!

Most of Accelerate Property Group’s new clients are referrals from existing clients. The entire team at Accelerate Property Group put their clients first and foremost. You will never be treated as just a number. The team will be with you every step of the process from establishing a sales / leasing strategy and timeline through to and after handover/ settlement. Accelerate Property Group’s mission is to ensure the process is smooth, transparent, hassle-free and achieves the maximum return.

Accelerate Property Group recommends talking to us and 1 or 2 to other agents before making your decision. As they say, bigger is not always better.

Recently Sold / Leased

Below is a small selection of Accelerate Property Group’s recently sold / leased commercial properties.

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